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Welcome to the LRCH Memory Project!
With Liberty and Justice for ALL
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Interview with Bob Cortinez
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Bob Cortinez: I was a member of Dog Company, Delta Company now, of the 327th airborne battle group, one of the first airborne divisions. At that point and time, we were on the readiness alert, alternating readiness alert throughout the division with different battle groups being on alert and at certain times of the year with individual companies being on full alert, which means that if there was anything that was hot occurred, any type of aggression anywhere in the world we were prepared to go. We were transported on C-123 airplanes, and we jumped out of the C-123 airplanes. I had just come back on that day from Shreveport, Louisiana, which is my hometown. I was on a three-day pass and came by and the personnel in my company were packing up. We were already packed up to a certain extent, but they were packing up their personal gear to go somewhere. Of course, I started packing up my gear and we loaded up on C-123 planes and probably about a platoon to a plane. They called them sticks; one side a stick, on the other another stick.
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In The News

Welcome visitors! Its been a busy year since the 49th anniversary and things have been busy at Central! We now have over 300 articles, video and audio trickles in day-by-day, and we've stepped up our efforts to add every single essay! With every new year comes more new students to add to our project, and the 50th anniversary wont be slowing us down. We hope you take a look around at all the new pages and contact us with any questions or comments.


We've launched! As of September 25th, the Little Rock Central High Civil Rights Memory Project has been officially unveiled! In what turned out to be a beautiful joint ceremony, memorial benches were dedicated to each of the Little Rock Nine and the Memory Project was announced.

Meanwhile, things are busy across the street with our Partner-in-Education, the National Park Service. The new Visitor Center for the LR Central High National Historic Site is under construction and scheduled to open in September 2007 in time for the 50th anniversary of the Little Rock Central High Integration.

Central High 50th Anniversary Website

Getting Started

To begin viewing interview essays, choose a category under the categories headings in the section to the left. Then just click on a title that catches your eye. Or, if you'd like to discover something by chance, please choose Random page (upper left). Or, if you know what you'd like to find but aren't sure which category to use, try the search box (lower left).

Making Sense Of The Categories

Contact Us if you have a story you want to share. The struggle for civil rights is a universal process, not just one at Central High, and we want to learn from many personal accounts!

About The Project

The doors of Little Rock Central High School became gates of change on September 4, 1957, when nine African American students came to school for class — for the first time. Turned away by Arkansas Guard soldiers under orders from the Governor, they finally entered safely three weeks later when the President of the United States sent the 101st Airborne to enforce the Supreme Court’s rulings. And life changed in America.

As dramatic as Central’s story is, students coming through those doors in later years have known little about it. This, too, is now changing.

Central High students today are collecting the personal stories of family and neighbors who lived through historic and current civil rights struggles, not only at Central but across Arkansas, America, and the world.

Students are creating this website, The Little Rock Central High Civil Rights Memory Project, to serve as a permanent online resource for students, teachers, historians and the families of those who share their stories.

It is the hope of Central’s students that this website—and these personal narratives—can open a door into history and encourage students today to continue the process of change in race relations and civil rights in their own lives and communities.

A Note To Our Viewers

Memory Project viewers, we apoligize for any offensive or inappropriate material you may find in the course of your visit at our website. As the 50th anniversary approached over the summer, our website was hit with more and more nefarious material. In addition, there was a fatal security flaw that allowed anyone to create a page. We have since corrected the error and purged all the inappropriate material we could find. Please bear with us as we continue to restore our website and we hope you enjoy your visit.

~~Site Administration

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